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Faith Building Music

Aren't you glad God made us muscial? There's just something about it that He speaks to us through and loves is a language I definitely can't live without...these are a few of what I'm currently listening to.  This site may contain affiliate links. To read our full disclosure, click here.

My favorite song on this one is Fear is a Liar.

Reckless Love of God will definetly speak into your soul.

There are just some songs that are so worth listening to over and over again.

You probably sing the song, Good Good Father in your church...I never tire of it!

Met by Love is such good good stuff. You will get your praise on with this album for sure!

Touch of Heaven & New Wine. I mean Hillsong? You can't go wrong with any of their albums.

I love this group. Counting Every Blessing is a good one.

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