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books you’ll be telling your friends about

This list of books are books I've read personally. A few I’ve shared my opinion about over on the blog.

And a few I’ve shared reading & discussing with my book club.

They've each changed me, grown me & challenged me in different ways and I'm so grateful!

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Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt is my current read. It’s another book club read for me and the girls! I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you about this one!

The Circle Maker will change your prayer life forever! It has mine. Batterson shares testimonies to prayers and faith that moves mountains that will keep you hanging onto every word! Read what I thought about it here.

Redeeming Love is a fictional book based on the book of Hosea in the Bible. I rarely read anything more than once and have read this three times. It's such a beautiful story of Christ's love for us. Perfect for book clubs with question and discussion section in the back. I talk a little about it in this post.


Lysa is also another favorite author of mine. Uninvited is one I will read again. As an introvert it's easy for me to feel left out, unwanted etc. etc. this book changed my perspective in such a good way!

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 is a small yet very powerful book written by a shepherd reflecting on Psalm 23 will definitely change you and give you a whole new perspective on the way a Shepherd views and cares for His sheep.

Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart was another life changing book for me. J.D. Greear puts the Word of God and the Salvation message in such clear words. I shared a little about how this book blessed me in this post.

Adorned is a remarkable book and takes a deep look at the second chapter of Titus in the Bible. I have to admit I couldn’t imagine an entire book about one chapter in the Bible, but I’m so glad I read this book. In fact, it’s a terrific one for a book club or small women’s group. I want to be the woman that is described in Titus 2 more than ever!

If we could just it get it right. Relationships, that is. I've written a few posts about loving God and loving people. This is another small, yet powerful book worth the few bucks to purchase, because it's one you'll need to digest slowly and repeatedly. Relationships 101 is a must have.

One of the best books on marriage I've read to date even though this one has been around a while, Love & Respect is a terrific resource. There's even a study that goes with it. 

Love Does will change your life, make you laugh and challenge you to simply love others. Bob Goff is definitely someone you want to have walking along side you as you design your lifestyle of faith.

This book was a gift from a friend and I get it out all the time to look up the meaning of someone's name. It gives me a lot of insight to'd be so surprised at how dead on the meaning of someone's name is to describe them! The Name Book should be one you've got handy all the time!

You’ve probably hear of Dr.’s Les & Leslie Parrott, they’re psychologists who write write a lot about marriage. This book about High Maintenance Relationships - How to Handle Impossible People can be a game changer for your marriage and all of your relationships. Maybe even help you understand yourself a little!

I’ve always loved quizzes and personality tests. It’s just how I’m wired. I’m a 6 by the way on the Ennegram…if you’ve ever heard of it. If not, check it out and see for yourself. The Road Back to You will also change the game for you in your relationships. Helping you to understand yourself and others better.

Every woman I know would benefit from Why Her? by Nicki Koziarz. We all struggle with feeling like we measure up. This is a must read!

Girl, Wash Your Face is another book I’ve read with my book club. I have learned that this book in contraversial among many women. If you want to know what I think about it check out what I wrote about it here.

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Love this author! And For the Love changed the way I look at Small Groups or Connection Groups or whatever label you put on yours. She also gave me so much insight on grace. She's a podcast resource that is worth your time too! I talk about this one a bit too, in this post.

In a word, wow! Glennon pulls no punches in Love Warrior and I love love love that! The most real authentic book I believe I've ever read! This is definitely not one for an uptight personality, just sayin'

Here's a list of books from Equipping Godly Women that are worth your time!

Putting God First and Trusting God's Plan are well worth your time. If you've spent any time on the blog Equipping Godly Women you know it's a terrific resource for designing your lifestyle of faith!

Teach Your Children Cover Lifestyle of Faith Resources.jpg

Teach Your Children How to Behave  Let's face it raising kids is hard! We need help and this book will do just that!