Rustic, Vintage & Music Theme Barn Wedding

Rustic Vintage Barn Wedding the Ultimate Guide

I'm not sure how long Barn Weddings will be a thing, but I'm glad they are! I can't imagine it ever going away. What a great atmosphere and backdrop to use as a design base for such a special day. There are so many different directions you can go with to create a very special rustic themed barn wedding. Depending on how much time you've got to plan and put it together the projects can be endless. When I was helping plan this wedding, I brainstormed every moment of the day what we might need to create to go along with the rustic-vintage-music-theme we were trying to achieve for this Barn Wedding. This is long post and I'd like to think it's the ultimate guide to a barn wedding and I'll be sharing lots of photos and some project details with you. 


It was clear from the beginning that it would be necessary for me to make list after list of what the wants and needs for the day.  I'm a lover of lists anyway, so I enjoyed this immensely. Besides, it made me feel organized & helped keep some of those overwhelming feelings at bay.  Not to mention the fact that the couple lived in Texas & we live in Indiana (where the wedding took place).

List Making Tips for a Rustic Barn Wedding

Break up the entire wedding into parts and subParts

This helps to stay organized by for each stage of the day. This way you're not missing anything and if you need to refer to anything it's easier to locate in your notes.

Wedding Prep

  1. Invitations
  2. Shopping List
  3. Timeline


  1. Project List
  2. Diagram of seating
  3. Order of ceremony


  1. Guests
  2. Wedding Party Table Decorations
  3. Table Decorations
  4. Photo Booth
  5. Food Tables
  6. Gift Tables
  7. Other decorations 

Day Before Wedding

  1. Exactly what needs done
  2. Exactly where everything goes
  3. List of helpers divided into individual lists assigning specific tasks

For example, the day before the wedding I knew we would be gathering with the wedding party to decorate the barn. I created groups of people to take care of specific things and gave everyone a copy so they'd know what to do. This eliminated questions like, "where should I help- what needs done?" It saved a lot of time of which we had very little of.

Once all of those lists were made, organized and narrowed with very specific desires we started by obsessing with all things rustic-vintage-music-barn-weddings on Pinterest & created several shared secret boards where we  pinned our hearts out.  

Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations were created with a vintage music ticket feel. They were printed on card stock & mailed in legal sized envelopes.  I'll list all the lovely free fonts used in all printable items at the bottom of this post.

Along with the rustic-vintage-music theme the colors they chose were yellow & gray.  We gathered wild flowers & massive amounts of Queen Anne's lace. Since it was late August these were in abundant supply and in full bloom on every county road surrounding our house. The day before the wedding we took some five gallon buckets and filled them with hot water (to help preserve them longer) and began cutting them as long as we could so there would be room for more cutting to make arrangements later.

Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding MRSdesigns.net1.jpg

The venue was simply called The Wedding Barn.  One of the best things about it was being packed full of vintage & rustic decor that was at our disposal to use  & arrange how we wanted.  You name it - it was there.  Old trunks, vintage sewing machine, washtubs, burlap, mason jars a typewriter. burlap, twine & round pieces of wood. We were allowed to rearrange it (if it wasn't nailed down) any way we wanted.

Rustic Vintage music themed Barn Wedding Lace Toms

All the ladies in the wedding party wore lace Toms including the Bride.

Rustic Vintage Music Theme Barn Wedding Water Bottle Labels
Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding Sparkling Wine Label

Pictured above are the water bottle labels. Each bottle had their own special label & were displayed in an old washtub for guests to help themselves. Also pictured above were the labels I made for the sparkling cider bottles for guests to share in the toasting part of the reception.  Each table was numbered & coordinated with each bottle.  

This wedding involved several projects that my husband & I worked on months before the wedding.  The first is a sign that we posted out by the road to direct wedding guests to the right place.

At the time of this wedding I had a MacBook, but not photoshop so I used Keynote & Pages to create all the print items for this wedding.  There were many rough drafts along the way.

Steps I used to make a Rustic Barn Wedding Direction Sign

  1. I chose one of my favorite fonts on this project - Reklame Script. And printed the letters out.
  2. We used some left over cedar wood from our stash and laid out the letters on the wood.
  3. I used a pencil to trace them onto the wood which left an indentation on the wood.
  4. I removed the letters and began filling in with paint, again just some leftover white from another project.
  5. The arrow was also a font and I followed the same steps as with the letter.

The picture on the top left actually is a picture of the beginning of this's a better look.

After the wedding was over we knew there wouldn't be a need for a directional sign.  The original was 2 sided & was attached to a post. We removed the post & drilled holes where I ran rope through so it could be hung on the wall.  I decided to add their last name & the year. 

For this sign I used the same font, but a different process for the lettering.

Steps I Took for a Rustic Barn Wedding Seating Sign

  1. I printed out the wording in a dark brown.
  2. Next, I actually cut each word out with a small razor knife.  This was not as difficult as you might think because the words were pretty large.
  3. I glued them to the rough wood which came from a pallet.  
  4. I then used several coats of clear varnish to seal the letters.  
  5. My husband attached it to a large post so it could be set in the ground.

As for the heart shaped wood project you see above, we knew they wanted the "Love verses" each painted onto circles of wood & displayed at the end of each bench at the ceremony.  We were sitting out by our fire one evening when I noticed a piece of wood that looked just like a heart.  I was so stoked.  I asked my husband if this were a possibility for him to cut me about a couple dozen of these....and he did!  He drilled holes in the top of each one & then it was my turn to get busy.

Steps I took creating heart shaped wood wedding decorations with Love Verses

  1. Cut or purchase wood pieces to desired size.
  2. Print each verse out using the BorisBlackBloxx font.  
  3. Use a pencil & color the back of each of the verses so that when turning the paper over the "scribbled" side is down.  
  4. Place where you want the verse to go on your wood.
  5. Trace each letter so that the pencil scribble on the back is transferred onto the wood.  
  6. Remove the print out and make sure the pencil outline shows up on the wood.  
  7. Use a very small paint brush to fill in each letter with your desired paint. I used some left over white paint from another project.  I often found that the handle end of the paint brush (the pointed end) was easier to get my lines filled in smoothly.

Since the wedding was to take place in August, and the likelihood of heat and humidity were high, we made fans with the wedding program printed on them to function as a way to keep cool & informed.  I believe everyone who helped prepare these decided once we were done they didn't want to see another pair of scissors for a long time!  I recommend using a cricut or silhouette if you have one, I didn't have one at the time. Even though I'm extremely critical of all my handiwork, I do have to admit I'm proud of how these turned out.  I designed them front and back and printed them on card stock. We glued large popsicle type sticks to each one tying a piece of twine to the top finishing them off.

I made cards for each guest to fill out sharing their key to a happy marriage with the newlyweds.  As guests entered the reception barn they were directed to a display to find their names on an escort card each with a vintage key attached that directed them to their table.  At each place setting each guest received a thank you note from the Bride & Groom.  I made labels for the sparklers that we handed out at the end of the reception to send the Newlyweds off on their honeymoon.


The flower girl had so much fun!  She said it was her wedding & her prince was her daddy.  She melted all our hearts.  She walked down the isle with our youngest daughter who was the beautiful  junior Bridesmaid. The flower girl had a basket where she dropped heart shaped pieces cut from sheet music.  She enjoyed the dancing at the reception immensely spinning in her lovely dress.

Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding Photo Booth Groomsmen Super Hero Program Fans

The Groom's gift was super hero T-shirts specific to each man in the party.  We moved the ceremony welcome table inside for the reception.  The program fans, welcome message & homemade bug spray were all available for each guest.  The photo booth was a favorite among the guests too.

I found a State font that helped me create the little sign you see in the middle part of the photo above.  I placed in a frame to add to their welcome table for wedding guests.

Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding MR and MRS sign.

I created the "MR & MRS" table decoration you see here out of cereal boxes.  I printed & cut out each letter.  I created them in 3D, filled them with rocks & covered one in burlap & the other in lace...the ampersand got both lace & burlap.  I hadn't had that ole glue gun out in a very long time.  I quickly remembered just how hot those things get!


Pictured above are the a combination of the wild flowers we collected and arranged in mason jars and some of the table decorations as well as a few of the decorations around the barn. Pizza, salad & breadsticks were the wedding meal along with lemonade, tea & sparkling cider for toasting.  Instead of cake there was an ice cream bar which was a big hit!  

Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding Instagram Sign for Wedding decorations

Pizza, salad & breadsticks were the wedding meal along with lemonade, tea & sparkling cider for toasting.  Instead of cake there was an ice cream bar which was a big hit!  Pictured above were the labels I made for the sparkling cider bottles.  Each table was numbered & coordinated with each guest.  

I made these instagram prints for each table too.  We displayed them in short wire holders.

 I created the prints above from one of the bride's favorite verses & framed them.  The records we found at a thrift store & I made labels with table numbers that matched each escort card.  They each had a different band or singer that were favorites of the couple.

Rustic Vintage Music Themed Barn Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Sending the Newlyweds off with sparklers was a fun way to end the day.

Fonts used in these Rustic Barn Wedding Do It Yourself Projects are...

Invitation:  QuentinCapsPistilliLatoJelly Delicious CakeType KeysCorn Popwmmusic1KG Flavor and Frames Two.  

Water Bottle Labels:  QuentinCapsAlluraType Embellishments One LET, Bergamot OrnamentsDingleberriesOld Retro Keys

Program Fan:  Coneria ScriptFrom This MomentOld Retro Keys, ShowboatType Embellishment One LETBirminghamHuman Silhouettes, HelveticaAlluraQuentinCapsDingleberrieswmmusic1music

WelcomePistilliQuentinCapsAbraham LincolnVeneer ExtrasStateFaceFlaemische Kanzleischrift

I am a self-professed Font Nerd. I've downloaded an ungodly amount of them.  What's your font collection look like?  Are you a font nerd too? Do you even care about fonts?

I appreciate art.  I appreciate the skill it takes to combine fonts. I do not have a formal education in graphic arts.  Just an unquenchable desire to create, learning new things as I go. I'm determined to continue to educate myself. At the time of this wedding I had a MacBook, but not photoshop so I used Keynote & Pages to create all the print items for this wedding.  There were many rough drafts along the way. I suppose my unspoken motto would be "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!" I want you to be encouraged...if you're trying to achieve a rustic themed barn wedding, I'm confident that you can! Just go with it. That's the beauty of the rustic theme - it doesn't have to be perfect. The idea behind a rustic barn wedding is the comfort, casual feeling it conveys and having fun!

If you're planning a Rustic Barn Wedding I'd love to hear about it! If I can help with answering any questions or even helping you design anything you're wanting to print.

Just contact me!

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