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Have you downloaded the Bible Doodle Journal yet? Do you struggle a little staying on focus during your Bible reading and study? Struggle with keeping focus during Sunday sermons or group Bible studies? I sure do! I've found a way to stay focused and use my love for doodling and note taking to help me benefit from my time in the Word. Let's break down the ways to use a doodle journal for Bible study.


how to use a doodle journal during a sermon

Doodling is a way to remember key points

Let's face it, there are many distractions at church. Especially if you sit anywhere but the front row and even there I'd be distracted! From the one who's head is nodding to the child who can't sit still, your attention can be stolen very quickly from what is being said.

Be prepared with the right journaling tools for you.

When I have tools to doodle with during a sermon I can stay better focused. Most of the time I just use a pen (or my husbands if I can't find one). Here's a list of things that you may like. *This post does contain affiliate links you can see my full disclosure here or scroll to bottom.

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Bible Doodle Journaling Tools
  1. A pencil bag

  2. Pencils

  3. Pencil Sharpener

  4. Eraser

  5. Colored Pencils

  6. Lettering Pen

  7. Gel Pens

  8. Ruler

  9. Micron Pens are my favorite.

  10. Journal - Download one in the here.

  11. Doodle ideas to get me inspired - Also a free download.

Listen for keywords and verses - quickly jot them down.

I've learned to quickly write down key words and verses that stand out. This has to be immediate. I can be mid-doodle and catch something I want to ponder on or remember for later - I just jot it down. Then I can resume my doodle.

Add a doodle next to your keywords and verses.

My doodles are just a way to expound on any key word or verse used in the sermon. This also helps me to chew on the nuggets later when I'm doing my personal Bible study or reading. Often when I'm praying God will bring something back to my attention something that was said in Sunday School, during a sermon, Connection Group or just in a conversation I shared with someone. All these together are the beautiful blocks that build my faith more every day. The lovely process of making me more holy, like my Sweet Savior. 

Click HERE and HERE for a free pdf copy of some doodling promps and ideas to get you started.

how to use a doodle journal in small group bible study

Doodling doesn't have to be perfect to be useful

Are you involved in a small group or connection group? I hope your church offers this because they are so nourishing to the soul. I believe God wanted us to grow together. To hold one another up. To pray for one another. To have accountability. I use the same process as I do during a sermon. As I'm listening and sharing my own thoughts I take notes. Most often in the form of doodles. It's those key words and verses that come back to us just at the right time when we're needing to recall them and sometimes that's in the form of a picture. It doesn't have to be award winning art, the purpose is to help you remember what God is showing you as you're building your faith.

how to use a doodle journal in daily bible study & devotions

Journaling helps us reflect on what God is doing in our lives

Just the act of journaling alone is a great way to be reminded of where you were and where you are now as you encounter Jesus regularly. It provides a testimony of your faith building journey. We too easily forget what God has done for us and journaling provides a great record keeping of those testimonies. Someone in our book club shared a story about a friend she was loving through a difficult time with an adult child. She couldn't do a thing to change the situation for her friend. But she could pray with her and encourage her. She would often say to her, "his testimony is being written."

Journaling is way for you to record the testimony that Jesus is writing of your life.

6 Simplified steps to a personal Bible Doodle Journal

First of all, remember this doesn't have to be a burden and doesn't require a huge chunk of time. Commit to five minutes everyday and as it becomes a habit increase your time. It's the intentionality of spending time with Jesus and encountering Him that will reap huge benefits in building your faith.

  1. Begin with prayer. Ask God to show you what He wants your attention on today for the next few minutes.

  2. Begin with the date. I believe this is really important because we so often forget where we've been and what God has brought us through.

  3. Read your Bible. Whether it's picked ahead of time or it's a devotion you receive in your email or a Bible study you're doing with a group, choose something to read/study on everyday. If you're a member of the MRS designs Library you'll find a free download there of a 52 week Bible Reading Plan.

  4. Keep it short and sweet. Jot down just a few key words and verses. We're not writing a book.

  5. Doodle as you reflect. Allow the doodling process to be reflective as you meditate on what God is showing you at the moment through those few key words or verses.

  6. End with prayer. Thank God for what He's shown you and ask Him to change your heart with it today and to help you reflect on these things throughout your day.

You don't need the journal I created as a free download to kick start journaling. You could just use a notebook or scrap paper or whatever your heart desires. It's simply there if you'd like a bit of structure. I've also created a doodle idea page with more idea pages in the works. This would pair nicely with your Bible Journal. Don't know where to start? Check out my 52 week read through the Bible guide. I know I've often wondered where on earth to start and this guide will help you find a good place to begin. It simply goes from Genesis to Revelation. It absolutely can be started at any point in the year. Your week 1 could be January or it could be August, they aren't dated.

I'd love to hear if you've downloaded these tools and how they've helped! You can get in touch by opting below or simply by emailing me at gmail dot com 

Here's a peek at what you'll find in the FREE Library

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