How to Make Removable Pillow Covers


Sometimes you just need a little freshening up. What better way than removable pillow covers? They're easy, quick and don't cost a whole lot. Plus you've got the added bonus of removing & washing anytime they need it.


I believe your whole house should "flow" with the design choices you make.

Our living room is open to our kitchen, therefore, I want it to coordinate & flow in the design choices we've made. In fact, I believe your whole house should "flow" with the design choices you make. Not necessarily the exact same design, but one that easily transitions from one room to another. I don't claim to be a professional interior designer, so my advice can be taken for what it is, my opinion.


Here's a couple photos I shot from opposite sides to show how open our kitchen & living room are. See that stool in the bottom of the photo above? I'll be sharing details about it in my next post. It was about as easy as these removable pillow covers were. As you can see with the openness of these spaces why I feel it is important to ensure a nice flow.


I have a few blue mason jars in my modern farmhouse kitchen & mostly gray & white. Our new flooring is also more in the gray family. Our living room needed a little burst of color & some pattern so when we went on the hunt that's what I had in mind for the search. Joann's is my favorite place to shop for fabric because they offer so many choices.



You can see the before photo of the pillows I made my covers for. They've been worked over for a while now and were begging to be freshened up. Let's begin by breaking it down. Since I'm not a professional in the category of seamstress either I probably cause any pro out there to roll their eyes at my choice to skip the "proper" way to do things. So again, I'll repeat that you can choose to follow my steps even though they're just my opinion.

How to make removable pillow covers

Prepare before sewing your pillow covers

  1. Open up the pillows your making covers for & add more poly fill. If yours are already nice and plump you can skip this step.

  2. Once you're satisfied with the filling, close the opening back up.

  3. I lay out my fabric and wrap it around my pillow & "eyeball" how much I need to cut on either side (top & bottom). With the width that overlaps over the pillow already eyeballed as well.


Sewing removable pillow covers

  1. Once the piece is cut, sew the short sides (the part that will overlap one another & be the opening that the pillow is inserted in). I don't pin this or iron it before hand. I just fold as I sew.

  2. Lay your fabric back over you pillow. Pin the top & bottom. Remove the pillow & straighten pins measuring to make sure you're actually sewing a square.

  3. Sew the top & bottom. Trim all threads and any excess fabric. Using an iron press your new pillow cover & insert your pillow.


You may remember this print that I've made available for free. It's in our farmhouse kitchen & coordinates with the blue in the mason jars, our new pillow covers and the new stool seat I'll be telling you about soon.  I love to find square frames at yard sales or Good Will they're my favorite to use for any prints I make. It never matters to me what print is already in them I'm just looking for a great frame that can be spray painted any color I want, which is usually white. Yep, that's my reflection you see in my photo :)


"I think it's important for both husband & wife to contribute to the design choices you make in your home."

I love how the blue pops against the dark gray of the sofa & how the gray/white pattern against the background that the blue pillow offers stands out. It's the perfect accessory we needed to add just the right amount of cheer. We've gone pretty neutral with mostly grays throughout which provides the flow that I believe every home should have. Once you  discover your "style" you should run with it. I think it's important for both husband & wife to contribute to the design choices you make in your home. I love that my husband takes an active part in the choices we make. Our home would be 2 completely different styles if only one of us made all the design decisions. And that would leave one of us not feeling at home in our own home...that, to me, is unacceptable.


This room use to hold a sectional. An uncomfortable one at that. It served the purpose it was needed for at the time, but we are loving our new reclining sofa & reclining-rocker-love seat. And the neutral gray is just what we were looking for.


See the end table there in right of the photo above? They're on the project list to be redone. To stay tuned to a future post about those :)


I'd love to hear if you've made removable pillow covers too. And if my tips helped in any way!