How to Letter a Director's Chair


Recently, I told you about our whole house remodel and shared with you about our farmhouse kitchen.  We've finally wrapped up the rest of the changes and today I want to share with you one of the final touches we added to our man cave and a look at the finished room.

A little backstory on this project for you...we found this director's chair at a church garage sale we went to sometime last year. I can't remember if we paid 25 cents for it or if they actually ended up giving it to us, anyway we didn't have much invested in it to begin with.  We purchased some navy blue canvas  and I used the tattered seat that was currently on the chair as my pattern guide. That was the easy part. Next was making the decision on how I was going to add "Chicago" to the front of the seat and "Bears" to the back of it. My Silhouette has been such a treat to own so I knew without question I'd get to use it for this project. And so far I've only used it to make a scrapbook for our Cruise Memories. That's when I discovered that scrapbooking isn't exactly how I'd like to spend my time. I know this dandy little machine can most definitely serve so many other fun purposes...I mean after all, I do have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my Silhouette potential projects!

How to letter a Director's Chair

I decided I would create a stencil and use orange paint to add the words Chicago Bears to the chair. I already had clear contact paper on hand, so that's what I used. I recommend anything but clear now that I've finished, but will continue to use it for projects like this until I run out :) It was difficult to see what parts I needed to keep and what I didn't since I was working with a clear product. I used the Scrapbook Calligraphy font for the word Chicago and that proved harder because of it's script format, but I was determined that it was going to work, and as you can see, it did! I used the Impact font for the word Bears which was much easier to handle since it's a sans serif...hashtagfontnerd.


Check out these before and after photos of the transformed room. Can you believe we used to have a sectional sofa in here?   It's now my husband's ManCave!


I suppose it can't be too difficult to recognize somewhat of a theme here. The corner table above is a remnant of our old dining room table. If you saw our farmhouse kitchen remodel you can see more pieces of it there too. In the middle above is a candle stick holder our daughter brought back from Africa and we thought it was the perfect perch for the cue ball.  On the right above is a rustic coat rack my husband made out of some pallet wood and added old heavy rusted nails to hang things on. Below are a couple more details from around the room. Don't you just love this metal rusted sign? And the metal bike below that? Just a few of the treasures we've found along the way.