How to Letter a Child's Step Stool


I've talked about the guest bathroom in the past. I gave it a little face lift, gosh a few ago months now. The only thing we have left to do in there is painting the vanity I did my farmhouse kitchen cabinets. And maybe change out the faucet. I'll have to be sure and update you on that with more before and after photos!


Let's talk about the little step stool I have in this bathroom for the grand babies on the rare occasion that they are here (Alaska is way too far way). I believe I found this little jewel at a garage sale for some small change. I gave it a fresh coat of white paint and it's been that way now for a long time. Since I've purchased my Silhouette I am constantly  thinking of new projects I'd like to do with it. So why wouldn't I think of the nice blank slate this little step stool offers?


Not sure why. Or where it came from...I just do.

I have nicknamed our grand babies "lovelies." It just happened. It wasn't planned. They are, to me, the loveliest little things. I have also always called feet "tootsies." Not sure why. Or where it came from...I just do. For those reasons it seemed like the perfect words to add to the step stool. I mean after all, those sweet little lovelies and their tootsies will be standing on it! I already had spray paint on hand that matches my color scheme of mostly orange and turquoise. This project took no time at all really. It probably took me longer to line up the card stock stencil and tape it on than it did to actually spray it.


My process is pretty simple. And if you know anything about font pairing it's a matter of balance.

How to letter a child's step stool

Step No. 1 - Pick your fonts

I settled on 2 fonts for this project. Bromella and Impact (#1). My process is pretty simple. And if you know anything about font pairing it's a matter of balance. I open up Pages (or any word processor) & type in my 2 words (or how ever many I'm using for a particular project). I keep duplicating the page and changing each one to a different font. Once I've tried around a dozen fonts I scroll down through and try the word "Lovely" with all the different fonts I used for the word "Tootsies" until I have a few pairs that I like. This is the first step of eliminating. I may have tried plenty of fonts that I loved one of the words in, but it didn't pair well with any of the fonts I tried the other word in. Now that I'm down to my 3 favorites I may sit on it for a day or two. I go back in and begin to eliminate again until I've settled on the one I like the best.

Step No. 2 - Cut out stencil

I had originally decided to use my clear contact paper (#2) again to make my stencil, but for some reason this time my Silhouette decided to literally chew it up. Fail. Card stock it is, then (#3). Which is so much easier to work with anyway(#4).


Step No. 3 - Place stencil on step stool

Once I carefully popped out the letters from my card stock stencil I had to be sure and save the "middles" of the letters and carefully tape those down after I had placed the stencil where I wanted (#1). Since I was painting each word a different color I taped a piece of newspaper to shield one while I painted the other (#2).

Step No. 4 - Paint

I simply folded it whichever way I needed (#4 #5 #6) to protect it while I painted. I only needed one coat.  I pealed the stencil & paper off almost immediately (#7).


As you can see once all the paper was gone my paint had bled past the boundaries a little. No worries mate! I just took a small paint brush, a little white paint and with a steady hand all was well with the world again in a matter of minutes.

Can't wait to have those Lovelies and their Tootsies here again!


To be able to hear the words "Hey Gram" were such music to my ears

I may have mentioned before that our daughter, her husband and our grand babies were home for a few weeks recently. Dad is in the army, so they are stationed in Alaska. (Praying that changes soon :) Which is a whole big world away if you ask me! It was such a joy to get to spend time with them. To be able to hear the words "Hey Gram" were such music to my ears...I can't even begin to put the right words in describing what it's like to be a Gram. These precious little things spent the night with Pap & Gram 2 nights in a row. We loved it! We can also admit that what we've been thinking in our minds about our age didn't quite match up with how our bodies responded to taking on 2 very wonderfully energetic angels! I mean after all, we haven't had a child proofed home in a while now. They require boundaries and gates and 100% attention. Which, of course, didn't bother us in the least...they are so much fun! Oh how quickly the time went by when their mommy, aunties & uncle were just like that! Savor those moments, my friend. Savor.