How to Build a Farmhouse Laundry Shelf

This is the first of a series of posts that I'll be sharing over the next several months about our new home remodel. I shared with you a while back about the remodel of our previous home and the transformation of our kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen. We were blessed to be able to sell that home quickly and have bought another where we have undertaken a new process of making it our own. So far we've painted, installed new flooring throughout, changed just about every light fixture, installed new baseboard trim just to name a few of the big changes we've made.

Posts that you can look forward to will include whitewashing a fireplace, transforming oak woodwork to a white clean farmhouse look and farmhouse wall decor, farmhouse dining room table and a farmhouse coffee table are some of the things on our list. You're not going to want to miss these before and after photos when get there! While our farmhouse laundry room shelf is complete I'm not quite ready to show the before and after of the entire laundry room I do want to share with you how this shelf was made.

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Steps to building a farmhouse laundry room shelf

1. Take BEFORE pictures

The first step is to take "before" pictures. I skip this step more times than I'd like to admit and always wish I'd taken the time to get the pictures before we start a project. Since the room isn't complete yet I'm going to wait to share my before photos with you.

2. Measure the area you plan to hang your shelf

Our laundry room is long, but not very wide. Since I hang up just about everything to dry I needed a fair amount of space to do that in. There is long wall opposite of where the washer and dryer perfect for this shelf. We also wanted to incorporate a place to hang coats so we included that in our plan. We chose to have a place for four coats. This area is behind the laundry room door. 

3. Plan and purchase the material needed

This required a little math on our part.  As you can see in the photo above we created three sections in the shelf area where I can hang clothes. Here's a list of the pieces we used on our shelf.

1 - 12' board

1- 8' board

Stain of choice

12 - black floor flange pipe fittings 1/2" 

6 - black elbow pipe fittings 1/2" 

6 - black tee pipe fittings 1/2"

3 - black 24" long pipe 1/2"

4 - black 8" long pipe 1/2"

8 - black 1" pipe nipples 1/2"

4 - black pipe cap 1/2"

Steps to build a Farmhouse Laundry Shelf.jpg

4. Lay materials out

Once we bought all the material we layed everything out to make sure we had all the right amount of pieces and that they would in fact, go together. I had printed a photo of one I'd found in an online search and showed it to my husband prior to the onset of this project and asked, "honey, can you make this for me?" He was on board from the beginning :)

5. Stain Wood

I wiped on a couple of coats of stain to obtain the look I was going for. It didn't take long. I used an old towel and wore gloves. I used circular movements to be sure not to have any streaks in my stain. It's important to move quickly because the stains dries quickly. 

How to Build a Farmhouse Laundry Shelf
How to Build a Farmhouse Laundry Shelf

6. Attach pipe material

Attach all of the pipe pieces to the shelf part of the wood. We waited until after everything was on the wall before adding the pieces of pipe acting as coat hooks. 

7. Hang shelf

We attached the long piece first that acts as the support for the shelf and the area where the coat hooks will be. Then we added the shelf with the clothes rod to the support. As you can see in the photo above Pap and Gram had a couple of little helpers eager and ready to hand Pap a tool when he needed one.

Here's a couple of photos of farmhouse kitchen in our previous home. You can read more about it here.

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