Does it Really Matter if Anyone Knows My Name?


"But you," he asked them, "who do you say that I am?" Matthew 16:15 Have you ever made this verse personal? If you haven't, why not ask yourself right now?

Do we really know Him? Do we really know one another?


This raises the subject of our names. We know one another or at least can identify one another by our names. I'm definitely in the camp that believes our names are no accident. I believe we are all named appropriately, because if God took the time to knit each one of us together with His own two hands, designed a plan for us, counted each hair on our heads...then He also chose our names. There is not one single thing about us that is an accident.

Why do we just stop at names in our knowledge of people? Why do we just stop at the name of Jesus without really knowing Him?

"Who you say Jesus is will determine everything about how you follow him." - David Platt

Although, we didn't get all the way through our Sunday School lesson this week this quote jumped off the page at me. As I circled it with my blue pen I just kept repeating it over in my mind.

With this subject fresh on our minds we transitioned from Sunday School into the Worship Service. Where, by no accident, almost every song's lyrics had lines about our names or God's name. <Insert shock faced emoji>

Here are the songs we sang and a portion of each:


Before the Throne of God Above - 

A great high Priest whose Name is Love Who ever lives and pleads for me My name is graven on His hands My name is written on His heart

10,000 Reasons - 

Worship His holy name Sing like never before O my soul I'll worship Your holy name

Because He Lives (Amen) -

I was dead in the grave I was covered in sin and shame I heard mercy call my name He rolled the stone away

No Longer Slaves - 

Love has called my name I've been born again into your family Your blood flows through my veins

Without skipping a beat, as the the sermon's subject of Growing in the Image of God unfolded I smiled knowing God's theme for the day was about to continue. I liked the analogy of the soldier in relation to salvation, they are stripped of their identity to conform to the new one.  Just as we discussed the hour before, there are many instances in the Bible where God gave someone a new name. Which also happens for us when we surrender our lives to Him. Our lives are changed, we're no longer the same person.  The old is gone and we are new people.

Are you becoming that new name? Are you finding out for yourself just who Jesus is? Really know who he is?

I've talked about names before, yes. And if you're interested I would love a chat with you about it. Maybe over a cup of coffee?

Names are important.

Jesus is the name above all with that truth why wouldn't we want to really know Him?

There are many quotes out there about names, but this one is my favorite other than what we find in the Bible, of course ;)

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. - Shakespeare

Fast forward to a beautifully busy week with the buzz of children running around our church and creating an atmosphere of awe, wonder, excitement and even a little emotional stress thrown in. Each one of these little lovelies is important to God. Each one of them has their very own name. As they check in everyday they are given a sticker with their names on it. This does a couple of things. It helps the adults to know who they are. And it shows the child that they are important. Important enough for us to prepare for each one of them specifically. They belong. They are important to us. To God. The message this week has been that God created each one of us. Created the universe. That He cares very much about us. He named us. He would love for us to get to know Him, past  the surface of just His name.

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