I'm Confident of One Thing


Moving from the high of Christmas time to the transition of a new year can be a bit sad for some or a relief for others. Maybe, if you're like me, a combination of both! On the one hand we've gotten to be with our families. On the other we're relieved to get  back to a "normal" because Christmas is a lot of work. I personally, hype it up because the season promises time with my family.  It promises to take me back to a place when we spent time together. When traditions were like being wrapped in an old warm blanket. One that instantly takes me back in time hugging oh so tightly like an old friend. They're the sweetest of things. The most precious of memories. But the reality is that our children grow up. Our families expand. Time becomes quite the precious commodity. Gone are the years when we spent days in a row together in nothing but our pajamas playing games, watching movies & doing those things that "just isn't Christmas without them." No the moments together these days are spent by shorter, but oh just as precious, moments...even when spent over an internet connection.  No two Christmases look the same, each has their combination of traditions and new experiences, and that's perfectly okay.

Even though each year just seems to go by faster & faster. It's hard to believe we're about to usher in twenty seventeen isn't it? I can remember a time when I was a child how I couldn't wrap my mind around the year two thousand. Of course, growing up in and out of church, I believed that the rapture would happen before the year two thousand!

When your focus is right all other things come into perfect view.

So yeah, there's that.  It seems like a flash since that day in Science class at junior high when me and my friends were discussing if the world would even be here in the year 2000. We unanimously concluded that we wouldn't be as we tried to wrap our minds around the world ending in some sort of apocalyptic way. Since it was impossible for us to understand we decided to talk about what kind of moms we would be and all the things that twelve year old girls dream about.


But I am making conscious choices. Deliberate decisions.

As I reflect over the past week. The past year. And the years of dreams since junior high. I'm so very thankful for my Heavenly Father and the fact that He knows what's best for me. I see where I've been & where He's brought me. I've seen some of those dreams come about in my life and I'm thankful some of those dreamed didn't! I'm looking forward to what He has in store for me. And for you. I've never been real confident about many things, but there's one thing I'm confident about...He ABSOLUTELY has a plan for me. For you. I'm not making any crazy resolutions this year, in fact, I haven't done that in a long time. But I am making conscious choices. Deliberate decisions. As I have tried to do everyday of the past year. To serve my Jesus with every moment, thought, word & action. Oh sometimes I act as if I'm not a child of God in a hasty moment, but I turn my eyes back on Him, pray and move on hand-in-hand with Him.

While ushering in a new year doesn't have to bring on an emotional state of mind, my prayer is that it finds you focusing on the Lord. Not on the past. Not on goals that don't involve Him. No, my prayer is that you are focused solely on His face. On His plans for you. Not on your past mistakes. Shattered dreams. Disappointments. Not even on your families. Focused on Him & Him alone. Because, my friend, when your focus is right all other things come into perfect view.


May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you. May you know HIm like you've never known Him before. May you have an unquenchable hunger and thirst for more of Jesus! Amen.