Does God Use Prayer to Transform Us?


As many of you know, I like themes. Must just be the cloth I was cut from. If you've been cut from that same cloth too, you get it. If not, no worries! Our current sermon series is on Prayer. Something we should all be very familiar with. After all, it is the main way of how we communicate with our Heavenly Father. I say "main" because He communicates with us in many different ways. Through His Word. Other people. I could continue to list other ways, but that's not the direction for today.

Do we even approach prayer with this end in mind?

Today, is about Prayer. As I was doodling my way through taking notes during Sunday's sermon the two words that struck me the deepest were prayer transforms. Do we even approach prayer with this end in mind?


According to Merriam-Webster Transform means :  to change in composition or structure; to change the outward form or appearance of; to change in character or conditionimplies a major change in function fitting for a new use; suggests a strange or preposterous metamorphosis 

So going off of the meaning we find that the dictionary gives us we can say that God uses prayer:

  • to take all those things we're made up of (we were born with sinful natures) and changes it into something new.
  • to take us from looking sad or mad or depressed  to happy, glad and joyful.
  • to give us new thoughts, feelings & behaviors.
  • to make a very serious shift from our purpose to His.


unusually abrupt and striking alteration

So to sum this up God uses prayer in a supernatural way that only He can to  cause an unusually abrupt and striking alteration in our appearance, our character and/or our circumstances that is completely contrary to any human reason or common sense.

Remember when Moses had spoken with God? The transformation that took place with him? He was radiant. I want people to say, "she's been talking to Jesus" when they look at me. I don't want them to see anything else, but Jesus.

What a wonderful discovery of what transforms means. To really dig in and get a picture of what God wants to do with us the more we pray.

I think sometimes we get lazy with prayer. We don't make our time with our Father a priority. We treat Him like He's a thing to be checked off our list. Just so we don't have to show up at church on Sunday feeling like a hypocrite. We treat Him like we do our grocery list...only naming our wants and needs. Instead of treating Him like the most important person in our lives.


Think of some of your other relationships. If you treated those people as if they were a grocery store and only recited a list of what you're wanting and needing to them say once a week, wouldn't that relationship pretty much fizzle out, shrivel up and die? You would change alright. But the picture I'm imagining at the change that would take place certainly wouldn't be of the supernatural kind. It would definitely be quite the opposite.


I choose to take the child-like faith path and pursue my Jesus with that attitude and simply pray.

Recently, I joined some women at the Cry Out simulcast. Where women from all over the world were meeting together to pray. I didn't know what to expect. But trusted God that He had a plan. Of course He did as always and without fail. I left there changed. With a renewal of my attitude toward prayer. With a new awareness of the people I share a church family with. With a gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit of the power of prayer. The call to pray. A reminder to expect the unexpected from our very Good Good Father. I'm a believer in praying specifically. There are many things that may be hard for us to wrap our minds around. We can get into discussions and debates about prayer I imagine, but I choose to take the child-like faith path and pursue my Jesus with that attitude and simply pray. Simply talk to Him like the Daddy to me that He is. It truly is transforming.

MRS designs lead us not into temptation does God use prayer to transform us?.png

let it seep into the very depths of your soul and begin to practice prayer. Prayer that transforms

Jesus taught us how to pray. If feel pretty confident that everyone in the free world has heard the Lord's Prayer at least once. You can find it in Matthew and a shorter version in Luke. Have you taken the time to really break it down? To take a good intentional look at each line? To let it seep into the very depths of your soul and begin to practice prayer. Prayer that transforms?