MRS designs Studio Sign


I told you recently about the bedroom we converted into a studio. It serves as a creative place for me mostly, but also an office. Even though we spend most of our "office time" at the kitchen island. I'm still not quite ready to show you the entire room, but I have finished another project that gets us closer. There is a large blank wall that needed something. It's the wall you see directly in front of you when you enter the room. I thought that would be a perfect spot to hang a studio sign. My initials are M. R. S. and my blog title what better idea to put on the sign? I like that my initials are also my title as a married woman. Just an added bonus :) MRS designs studio signMRS designs studio sign 2

The photo above shows my first attempt that didn't strike my fancy so I gave myself a   do-over. I'm glad I did...I'm thrilled with the final result!

You've seen those wonder beauties of nature that God just chose to bend in different wonderful ways?

Shown in the photo above is the sign in it's before state. This piece of wood has a wonderful backstory. My husband has had this for many years in his wood stash. This and a few more that went with it that have since also been used for various projects. He obtained it from his dad leftover from the home they built when he was a child. It was part of cedar tree that used to sort of lean over the edge of their pond. You've seen those wonder beauties of nature that God just chose to bend in different wonderful ways? This tree had it's lovely little spot to adorn that side of the pond until one day when a storm came through and literally took that tree that was leaning over the pond and bent exactly the opposite direction away from the pond. Since it no longer held such a glorious position near the pond they cut the tree up and used it for the mantle of the fireplace in their home. My husband isn't quite sure how he got blessed with some of the leftover pieces, but he's thankful he did. And so am I!

I wanted some of the wood and knots to show through and wanted to do that by whitewashing it instead of full on covering it in white.

1. I made sure the wood was wet before I started and carefully placed paint in order to thin it as I went. It took several coats but it's worth taking the time in order to get the look I was going for.

2. I used regular copy paper to make my stencil in the fonts I finally settled on and cut them with the Silhouette. (Josefin Sans & Nella Sue).

3. I just used Scotch tape to hold it down. It was a little tricky on the inside of the "d" and any letter with an inside piece. I just rolled tiny pieces of tape making sure none of it protruded out from under any edges.

4. Using very little paint I took a small stiff paint brush and "stippled" over the stencil. My definition of stippling is taking the brush in an up and down sort of pounding motion, but very light pressure. I did two coats satisfied with the result of coverage.

Here's the first go round. I didn't like a few things about it. One, the letters MRS weren't close enough together. Two the straight line from the M and curved line from the s on the other end Werner what I had imagined they would be. And since I wasn't completely satisfied with the whitewashing I was okay with a redo.

I found this beauty at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. I took some steel wool to it just to clean it up a bit. I like it in it's natural state.

I couldn't decide where I wanted it at first, I tried on top of our office cabinet and didn't like it there.


I tried it on the bottom shelf. Nope. No good there either.

I finally settled on the print/silhouette station I've created behind the door of this room. We originally bought this sofa table to actually go behind our sofa, but it didn't work. I think it works great for it's new purpose.

My husband made me this lovely little storage box. I love it! It now has a spot on top of the studio island he made me....more on that soon!