Chalkboard Design


Not sure how long the chalkboard trend will last, but I do know I sure do like mine. Our whole house remodel has, for the most part, come to an end. We just have a few small projects waiting in the wings to be finished. Because of that I'm not quite ready to show you this room, but I would like to show you my chalkboard. No, it's not perfect. I didn't get it centered exactly as I wanted. But I like that about it. In fact, I like that this is the theme of this room. It's oh so pretty to me and oh so not perfect. It's begs you to enjoy the creativity that awaits you inside without the pressure of perfection. Here's how I did it.

  1. Print out the verse in the font & size wanted. Just black and white.
  2. Use a piece of chalk and cover the back of the printed out verse.
  3. Place the chalk covered side against the chalkboard arranging it carefully where the words are to be placed.
  4. Use a pencil and trace over the printed verse. This leaves a chalk outline  to then fill in with chalk or chalk pen.

Even though it's pretty quick and simple and I do like the idea of changing it later, I won't be changing this one for a while.

MRSdesigns ChalkboardHere's a picture of my chalkboard in my kitchen. You may have noticed it in the kitchen remodel post. I found this at a festival last year. It was made from an old window.  I like that this too is not perfect. I used the same process to add the text to this one that I did other one. The markings on the bottom right are my grandsons autograph. He's 3 1/2. At the moment, I can't imagine erasing it, but I'm sure I will when I'm ready for something new.

Chalkboard MRS designs

I thought I'd give you a look at something else in this room we just finished not very long ago. We found this lovely treasure in a home we listed and sold. I bought it and a couple other things out of the home. It was all part of an estate. We ended up having to take this thing apart just to get out of the upstairs bedroom. It has sat in pieces in our garage for a couple years now. My husband put it back together for me & I threw on a couple coats of white paint. Again, I love that it's not perfect. It stores all of our office related stuff.


My next couple of projects to finish out this room will hopefully be done very soon. To the left of the cabinet above is a fairly large blank wall. I plan to create a sign for it. I can't wait to show it to you. I've also got a couple stools around my work island that need a sprucing up on the cushions...can't wait to shop for material for those!