Chicago Bears Painting

I completely forgot that I was still working on another project when I told you about the Chicago Bears Director Chair. I'd had this blank canvas in my craft closet for longer than I'd like to admit. Many many thoughts have traveled through my head about what the finished look of this canvas would be. Well today, I can finally share what has become of it. It now sports the Chicago Bears Mascot. It was another fun project that I was able to use my Silhouette for. I found help here that showed me how to take a jpeg image and create a cut file.

This was the image I used. I found it here.

354This time I simply used copy paper and removed the areas I wanted to be orange. It was a fairly simple process. After I covered the canvas in blue acrylic paint and waited for it to dry I laid the paper stencil down and dabbed on my orange paint. I didn't even feel the need to secure the paper in any way. I just held it there while I added the orange. Since the orange didn't cover in one coat I free handed the other two. No need for the paper at this point because I already had the first coat's outline to follow. There isn't a whole lot of wall space left in our man cave, but we knew this project was going to need a place and planned for it ahead of time.