A Weekend in Washington D.C.

Recently, my husband & I took a long weekend breather & went to Washington D.C. It was a first for both of us. We knew going in that we wouldn't have time to see everything and were okay with that. Overall, it was a great time...after all we were spending time with each other & getting a break :)

We found that it was a difficult city to navigate, even while walking. We ended hailing a taxi more than we imagined we would, which was not at all! Our DC City Sites tour bus was a huge disappointment! We recommend any other company because from what we could see they actually ran on time, their audio systems worked, they looked much cleaner & well maintained. After arriving we realized pretty quickly that we made the wrong choice. We ended up waiting over an hour each time for them when we told over and over again that they run every 30 minutes. We were told on every single bus we were on that they were "sorry but our audio systems aren't working". Many of them had broken windows and were far from clean.

Okay, negative stuff out of the way! We very enjoyed the history all around us. And being the sucker for architecture....I couldn't get enough of that! My favorite places for the architecture-eye-candy  were the National Cathedral, Library of Congress & Georgetown neighborhoods.  I was somewhat disappointed in the Library because the areas where there were books were closed to any public access.

If you only have a weekend to visit Washington D.C. I recommend making a list of the the top sites you'd like to see. Do your research and know where these things are located so you can plan your route without backtracking. You should also know what is closed on Sundays and the hours of operation on those days they are open. I knew going in that we needed to see the Capitol & the Library of Congress on Saturday because both were closed on Sunday. We also knew that most museums were only open until 5. Once we realized just how short our time was we researched what exhibits were where & we made our way to those museums to see the specific items we wanted to make sure we saw (Declaration of Independence etc etc)...since we'd already decided we may never get a chance to visit again. Hope you enjoy the many photos I've included.  If you're a sucker for architecture...I think you will ;)

 Our other favorite was the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If you get the chance to visit D.C. this is a must see.