Wedding Rehearsal Schedule Card



The groom's parents hosted the rehearsal & dinner.  The theme was a game night with board games that decorated the tables & we were able to play them at the end of the evening.  We enjoyed Mexican food from Moe's & time getting to know others in the wedding party.

We had time to share what the happy couple meant to each of us.  There's just something so intimate about hearing another's heart speak about their relationship with someone you share love for too.   It was a precious time.

I created a card for them to give to everyone involved in the wedding.  It was nice to have a way to communicate the schedule & keep everyone on the same page.

These, too were printed on card stock, cut out & folded.  It's a bit tricky when creating things to print & planning how each side is oriented in order for it to come out right.  It did take a few trial prints to be sure I had it correct.  Free fonts I used in this project were:  

Great Vibes


There Can Only Be One Beaver




Champagne & Limousines


KG Flavor And Frames Two


All Hands




Corner Pop Three

.  It may seem like a lot of fonts for just 1 project, but at least 5 are decorative. 

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