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Hi, I'm Michelle

I'm so thrilled you've stopped by!


welcome to mrs designs...

I hope you find this a great resource for building your faith. I'm an artist who happens to be in love with Jesus.  It's here where my love for Jesus & creativity merge in only a way that God can orchestrate. Be sure to sign up for my monthly email freebies where you will receive coloring pages, phone lock screens and printables. Be sure to check back on the blog regularly for other faith building resources.

If I have any talent or gifts at all, they are gifts given to me from my sweet Heavenly Father. Another characteristic He gave to me is a determined heart. I am determined enough to learn anything new even if I have to teach it to myself. Those that are closest to me say I can be funny too...so I hope if you spend any time here you'll get to laugh a little with me! I also hope, that if you've landed here we become friends. It's my goal that you learn something new, your faith is stronger and you are encouraged to give life to your gifts, talents and dreams too.


Here's what you'll find here at MRS designs:

  1. Sharing of my Faith.

    The design and plan of God's children and encouragement to know Him on a deeper level everyday.

  2. My journey of learning everything I can to be a better artist & graphic designer

    I hope that you'll learn something new too. Have you used Canva before? Here's a simple get started tutorial.

  3. Design and creative art projects for your  home and family.

    Be sure to check out how I painted my oak kitchen cabinets white.

  4. Don't forget to check out my freebies section.

    There may be something there you would enjoy. For the best freebies be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter.

I'm also a Pinterest and Instagram junkie.

As I said at the beginning, most importantly, I am a child of God & want my life to reflect who I am in Him. One of my favorite verses says, "I am sure that nothing can separate us from God's love--not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future, and not the powers above or below. Nothing in all creation can separate us from God's love in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:38.

He's made me who I am.  Given me the talents that I have.  I want to use them, sharpen them and grow in Him so He may receive ALL the glory.

So come on in & pour your favorite drink...spend some time with me. While you're here I hope that you find just a bit of inspiration & encouragement to chase what you dream about designing & creating.

You can reach me by sending email to MRSdesignsDotNETatGMAILdotCOM